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Go Take Pictures: What to do on a Photo Excursion

One of the simplest and most elusive truths about a creative lifestyle is that artists are the people who create art. Paul Simon summed up his decades of creative experience in his song “Hurricane Eye”:  “You want to be a writer, but you don’t know how or when?  Find a quiet place, use a humble…

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How to Fail Without Being a Failure

This post was originally published on The Spare Room Project. This goes out to the entrepreneurs who struggle to stay on top of things.  This is to the Type A’s who go a little overboard with their commitments.  This is to anyone who feels like a failure because they haven’t followed through on every single…

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How to Be More Creative: 5 Tips to Increase Creativity

This post was originally published on The Spare Room Project. Creativity has ‘muscles’ and needs exercise to improve, just like regular muscles.  It isn’t hard to get started, though!  You can start small, and you don’t have to buy a creative ‘home gym’ in order to be more creative. How to Be More Creative There are…

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5 Ways to Establish a Habit of Creativity

Do you want to establish a lasting habit of creativity?  There are five tips that can help form a habit.  It doesn’t mean it’ll be easy all of a sudden, but it will be more likely to stick! 5 Ways to Establish a Habit of Creativity Habits aren’t easy to create.  It can take upwards of two weeks to form…

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What to Read: Austin Kleon, “Show Your Work!”

Creativity isn’t just about the finished product. There’s a terrible, tyrannical idea that in order to be a creative person you have to be a mad genius slaving away in a dark room until you emerge, paint-stained and masterpiece in hand. That idea has a lot of creative people isolating themselves for the sake of…

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5 Reasons to Dedicate a Creative Space

If you’re trying to be a more creative person, you know how hard it is to change your habits.  The single best thing you can do to reach your creative goals is to make a dedicated Creative Space in your home.  That’s what the name “Spare Room Project” means. [ctt title=”Finding creativity in limited space is…

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5 Excuses Killing Your Creativity

And How to Be More Creative by Overcoming Them Odds are if you’ve found this blog, you’re trying to be a more creative person.  You’ve got a passion and a goal but for some reason every night finds you no closer to achieving it.  In reality, there are five reasons, and they’re more like excuses.…

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10 Subreddits that Boost Creativity (Without Wasting Your Time)

Reddit, like Tahiti, is a magical place. For those of you not part of the cult of the narwhal,, “the front page of the Internet,” collects the web’s most popular articles and images to a single page using a sophisticated algorithm based the votes of its users, who proudly call themselves “redditors.”  Reddit is so good at…

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