Now available for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition:

The Contract is a re-playable one-shot adventure where key plot points are determined randomly. With 1,056 possible combinations, no two games are alike.

This adventure is perfect for introducing new players to the game, beginning a new campaign, or just taking a night off your regular campaign.

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6 Ways Tabletop RPGs Make You a Better Writer

“I don’t think I could ever play Dungeons & Dragons,” I said.  “That seems like crossing a line, maybe going a little too far for me.”  My party’s Paladin is fond of reminding me I said that. About two years ago I crossed the last nerd threshhold and played my first game of Dungeons &…

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Multiclassing in Everything: How to Make the Worst Character in D&D 5E

“What are you playing tonight?” my party asked as I set a bulging tote bag on the table. “A Barbarian,” I said, smiling. “So what’s the ukulele for?” Dungeons & Dragons’ Fifth Edition made multiclassing much easier than previous editions.  Too easy, in fact. One summer evening my Dungeon Master (DM) and I took this…

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How to Make a Fantasy Map in GIMP 2.8

With NaNoWriMo fast approaching, you may be planning on writing a fantasy or sci-fi story.  Congrats!  This is one of my favorite genres to write.  However, if your character(s) are doing much traveling, it’s not hard to get lost.  There usually isn’t a GPS on these worlds, either. That means you need a map! If…

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How to Make Minimalist Wallpapers in 7 Steps or Less

Turn any image into a minimalist composition with this seven-step process. Minimalist art relies only on the most basic and distinctive elements of a design to create compelling images.  It’s the difference between left and right: I discovered a simple seven-step process to make minimalist wallpapers after playing a lot of the much-lauded independent adventure…

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